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Be transported into other people’s worlds: Feel what they’ve felt, learn what they’ve learned, and share their experiences and successes. Our goal at Plateau Books is to introduce writers with important things to say to readers who value wisdom, knowledge, passion, and personal experience.

Whether the subject is how to save your sanity and your marriage when Alzheimer’s Disease strikes in your family or how to preach a sermon that actually gets heard, you can depend on Plateau Books to bring you well-written books by remarkable people. Click here to see our books and forthcoming titles.

For Our Readers

We want to hear from you about our books and about people you know who have great stories to tell. Please send a note to pass on your comments about our books or to give us a lead on a good story that’s waiting to be told. Our books are also available from most independent bookstores and from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For Potential Authors

If you’re an author who has something important to share and wants to work with a publishing team that values good writing and strong narrative, we’d like to hear from you. We’re hands-on editors who take the time to make our writers’ books the best they can be. We respect the art and craft of writing.

You can read more about our contracts and how we deal with our authors here. If our non-adversarial approach to publishing appeals to you and if you have a tale to tell about living an impossible dream, overcoming an overwhelming challenge, or sharing your hard-earned expertise, please send us a query.

Academic Authors

We’re also interested in academic authors who write about intriguing topics in a style that captures the excitement of their scholarly achievements. Our editor-in-chief is a veteran of academic publishing whose career includes more than a decade as the editorial director for a university press, so we understand the special requirements for academic publication, including peer review. We believe our authors are our partners, and we treat them like friends. We’re especially interested in social sciences and the humanities.

For Bookstores, Groups, and Book Clubs

We support local independent booksellers and offer special pricing for direct sales to independent bookstores. Contact us for more details or to add your bookstore to our listing of local, independent booksellers. We also offer significant discounts to groups and book clubs. For inquiries, click here.


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